Let’s Talk
About Race

Racism and racial injustice must not be tolerated.

Racism and racial injustice mustn’t be tolerated. On 2nd June 2020, following the murder of George Floyd in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Phoenix Court Group (home to LocalGlobe, Latitude, Solar, Basecamp, and Phoenix Court Works) supported #theShowMustBePaused and spent the day working through plans to support Black and underrepresented communities, portfolio and community engagement, and to address systemic racism in the venture capital space.

They committed to holding these sessions once a quarter. In 2022, Blackout Tuesday became a partnership between Black Seed VC, Future Africa, Jolt International, Phoenix Court Group, Newton Venture Program, and Next Economy Trust — committing to program and host quarterly sessions through 2030.


“Mark these days”

We mark these days by stopping all normal business and focusing on our work addressing systemic injustice in the venture capital and startup ecosystem. The first half of the day is reserved for internal reflection and learning about racial injustice. During the afternoon, the partnership hosts an open meeting to address issues facing Black communities and solutions to these challenges within the venture capital space and beyond.