March 2022

Blackout Tuesday #8. The Future of Web3 in Africa, a musical performance, and a panel around the Challenges and Opportunities in the Black Music Industry.


Hillary Omitogun

Hillary Omitogun is a User Experience Researcher who is passionate about understanding users and making digital applications more accessible to consumers. She previously worked at Nestcoin, where she enforced a user-centered culture and led the company’s insights function.

Samuel Akinosho

Samuel Akinosho s building With Kingdom, a technology platform to bridge the world of fiat currency and blockchain.

Jude Dike

Jude Dike is building Get Equity, a decentralized investment platform to help African startups get funded by angel investors, syndicates, institutions and their communities.

Yvonne Kagondu

Yvonne Kagondu is the founder of Blockchain Kenya Ladies DAO. Her mission is to train women to understand and capitalize on the opportunities available in the blockchain space.


Magnus Dikese is the COO of Sankore – a blockchain community based in Kenya, building innovative products on NEAR Protocol. They educate and nurture talented individuals to become world class blockchain developers and entrepreneurs.


Suli Breaks is a creator and investor.


Jude Abaga is CEO of TASCK Creative Company, the former CEO of Chocolate City Music, a Musician and an Entrepreneur.

Solomon Onaolapo

Solomon Onaolapo is Director at Stockport Race Equality Partnership


LocalGlobe, Latitude & Phoenix Court update

The Future of Web3 in Africa


  • Kali Claire is a UK singer, songwriter and producer and performs “Temporary Feels”, “Disrespekt” taken from her most recent EP, ‘A Man’s World’ and “Seen Me Like This” from Songs By The Pool.

Challenges & Opportunities in the Black Music Industry