Blackout Tuesday is a Partnership between Phoenix Court Group – the home of LocalGlobe, Latitude, Solar, Basecamp, and Phoenix Court Works – Black Seed, Future Africa, JOLT International, Newton Venture Program, and Next Economy Trust.

Black Seed

Black Seed is a community and seed fund led by Black founders, for Black founders. Rooted in Brixton, with global ambition.

Future Africa Fund

The Fund for Africa’s Future backs mission driven founders turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global businesses that deliver outsized returns and impact


JOLT are a leadership development organisation committed to supporting, building current and future leaders of the future.

They work with individuals and organisations to develop skills, grow knowledge, provide tools and inspiration needed to shape and inspire their leadership journey in building equitable, inclusive and profitable organisations where all can thrive and belong. They have worked with thousands of leaders globally from over 50 countries including UNICEF, NHS, Kings College London, The Telegraph, Durham Univetsity, Huckletree, Total Energies etc


Phoenix Court Group is an EMEA lifestage tech investor, backing the most ambitious founders on their journey from seed through to the public markets and beyond over the last two decades. Phoenix Court Group has four funds: LocalGlobe, Europe’s number one investor in unicorns at seed stage; Latitude, investing at the breakout stage; Solar, providing stable capital for later stage companies heading for the public markets and beyond and Basecamp, Phoenix Court Group’s fund of funds. With a differentiated, bottom-up view of the private markets, Phoenix Court has partnered with over 500 founders, supported 28 unicorns and 24 futurecorns, and manages over $1.5bn in committed capital. In the last 12 months, portfolio companies in the group have achieved eight IPOs and received $10bn in committed capital. Phoenix Court Group’s foundation is integral to the group, receiving 10% of profits and 2% of carry from all funds, to assure its ability to support organisations across Phoenix Court Group’s neighbourhood of Somers Town, as well as more broadly in Camden, and New Palo Alto, the world’s third largest tech ecosystem.

Newton Venture Program

Newton Venture Program is democratising the venture capital ecosystem for people from typically overlooked and underestimated backgrounds – ensuring that the next generation of investors represent the world we live in.

Our robust training programs ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive in venture capital to create a more accessible and diverse ecosystem.

Newton Venture Program helps you make sense of the venture capital world with a mission to level the playing field for people from typically overlooked and underestimated backgrounds – ensuring that the next generation of investors represent the world we live in.

Newton is a joint venture between LocalGlobe VC and London Business School, with founding partner Silicon Valley Bank. We combine the best of executive education with insights from the most experienced practitioners across the global venture landscape.

Next Economy Trust

Next Economy Trust is an organisation committed to the success of the next economy. We do this by commissioning original academic research which we share in accessible format with our membership which is 50% women, 50% underrepresented groups, and 20% Black. Founded in 2021, our initial partners are Black Girls Fest, the Design Museum Entrepreneurs Hub, The Stack World, Burlington PR, Milltown Partners, Phoenix Court Works, and UCL.